Engage Your Church

Explore features built by the Church, for the Church to help you engage your attenders and lead to next steps.

Community Around Content

Chat that changes lives.

Far beyond one-way video streaming or distribution, the Church Online Platform encourages deep, life-changing community through chat.

Features of Chat

  • Promotes real-time discussion and community among attenders in public chat.
  • Direct message attenders to give deeper counsel, answer specific questions, or talk privately.
  • Moderation controls like mute and delete.
  • Custom identifier for your staff and volunteers in chat.
  • Attenders can create profiles with email, photo avatar, and more.
  • Automatic translation of chat into over 60 languages.

Calls to Action

Lead to next steps with Moments.

Moments help you engage with attenders by giving them ways to connect with your church and take next steps.

Make Connections

Help attenders connect with your ministry in unlimited ways—customize the Moment and link attenders to a site or form so they can take a specific next step, like signing up to serve, register for an event, etc.

Encourage Generosity

Link your preferred giving tool and attenders can tithe and give easily without leaving your service.

Celebrate Salvation

Allow attenders to digitally raise their hand and indicate a commitment to Christ. You'll also be able to follow up and provide next steps.

Other Moments allow your attenders to further engage with your church service. Show Moments during a live service, or schedule them synced to specific parts of your pre-recorded service.

Set up your online ministry

Behind the Scenes

Empower your team.

Use a dedicated set of tools designed specifically for your online Hosts to talk privately while they serve and engage with attenders.

Host Wherever You Are

Manage a service from a computer or mobile device and connect with attenders no matter where you are.

Host Only Chat

Hosts can support each other, answer questions, and make decisions as a team.

Hosting Resources

Post announcements, trainings, FAQs, common links, metrics, and more to equip Hosts for every service.

Meaningful Connections

Prayers that respond to real needs.

Life is messy. Meet people right where they are with personal private conversation and prayer any time during a service.

Expanded Reach

It's a great commission

With 7 billion people alive today, there’s never been a greater tool for reaching more people with the saving power of Jesus than the technology of today.

Optimized to load quickly around the world.

Platform interface localized in over 60 languages.

Scaled to support global reach.

Built with devices of every size, capability, and country in mind.

Powerful Analytics

Measure your impact.

Robust analytics allow you to measure the impact of your church online experience.

See the Big Picture

With overview metrics, you can compare week to week, month to month or yearly trends.

Dive Deeper

View important stats for each service like number of unique attenders, total time watched, salvations, prayer requests, and more.

Dive Deeper

View important stats for each service like number of unique attenders, total time watched, salvations, prayer requests, and more.


Integrate with 3rd-party tools to help you increase your engagement and go further in online ministry.

Beyond the Service

Ministry never sleeps.

Even when you’re not having a church service, your attenders and guests can still engage with prayer, videos, your schedule, and more.

Always Improving

Our feature set isn't set.

Our team is passionate about helping you reach people through online ministry. We also love technology. So, we're constantly finding new ways to leverage technology into new Platform features.

Our continuous iteration cycle means you'll find new features in the tool all year long.

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